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Mini Mantra Word Bar® Necklaces

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Magic of Bali

& our Hand-Crafted Jewelry

infused with love by Balinese Artisans


YOUR Desires

Choose a Mini Mantra Word Bar® Necklace

Leverage the power of high vibrational words by wearing a mantra close to your heart to activate abundance and blossom your desires. Hand-crafted in Bali by Balinese Artisans, each necklace is infused with love and made from the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver.   Activate your Mini Mantra with the Personal Intention Activation Ceremony Kit.

Which Mantra is right for you?

Select which high vibrational mantra resonates in your heart to assist in manifesting abundance and blossom your desires

Activate your intention

The Personal Intention Ceremony Kit helps to set clear intentions & activate your Mini Mantra Word Bar Necklace to attract abundance and blossom your desires